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The study of nature and its natural forms inspires and fills me with love and awe. I don’t wish to copy it but take its essence to form nonrepresentational works. I love to touch the real world through wood, stone and clay. As I also work as an art and sculpture therapist I believe in transformation. I get stimulated when I use slates from the disused slate mines in North Wales, disused sea defence posts and reclaimed oak and give them a new meaning and beauty.


At present I am exploring the human torso with its different movements, emotions and feelings with gentle gestures. For example searching for the difference between sympathy, compassion and empathy. I am studying the human body as expressed in sculpture through history with its harmonious proportion, movement and different soul expressions. I went back in time to in order to go forward, now with the question: how to express the human body in the 21st century?


One of the bases for my creativity is that I was allowed to play and roam around in nature freely as a child. Growing up next to the river Rhine in South Germany I connected strongly to the movement of water. Later I worked in the Institut für Stömungswissenschaften (Institute for Scientific Water Research) in South Germany studying the quality of water though its movement. The flow and movement of water is often present in my sculptural forms. 


I studied art-therapy at Tobias School of Art & Therapy, UK where I connected to a different use of art for health and wellbeing and its possibility for clients to express themselves and going on a therapeutic journey. During this time I discovered a strong affinity to sculpture and studied sculpture with Gertraud Goodwin at Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studio for a further three years.


Since 1998 I have been working in Hoathly Hill Sculpture Studio, a place that is open for all abilities to explore and learn about sculpture. It has a warm and supportive atmosphere where everyone is welcomed. It is the studio where I give tuition and also work on my own sculptures.


Since 1997 I have exhibited regularly at Chequer Mead, East Grinstead South East Open Art Studio, Mid Sussex Community Arts Festival, and other venues. Since 2000 I have been a member of Surrey Sculpture Society and exhibit regularly with them at various venues.

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